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Exterior Painting Scottsville, NY

Here are the before and after photos of the renovation of this beautiful office/garage in Scottsville

Garage Door Repair

A past customer, Michael, called us to get the exterior of his office building painted. When we visited him for the estimate, we walked around and noticed that there were a few things that we considered appropriate to discuss, including the garage door. It had some deterioration, mainly caused by the cold weather over the years. Michael was considering replacing the door after I asked if he had something in mind to address this issue. That's when we gave him the idea to fix it. We installed plywood over each square, then caulked and primed it before painting.

Siding Repair

Another issue we found was damage to the wood siding on one side of the building. We suggested replacing that piece of siding, so we did. We took the measurements and did some research to find a matching piece of the siding. It was replaced, primed and painted.


As usual, we did the preparation of the surfaces before painting. Peeling paint was scraped, silicone/caulk was applied around the windows trims and doors, wood filler was used to patch minor imperfections, primer was applied where needed, and we finished with a fresh coat of paint. 


We also did a treatment to remove the mold from the roof.

We added bleach using a spray pump and left it on the roof for about a week. We came back and pressure washed.

Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaned

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