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Here are the before and after photos of interior painting and wallpaper removal in Penfield, NY


Wallpaper Removal Penfield NY
Wallpaper Removal Penfield NY
Wallpaper Removal Penfield NY
Wallpaper Removal Penfield NY

The scope of work was to remove the wallpaper, patch any nail holes, caulk around trims, fix some imperfections on the walls, and paint the ceiling, walls, and trims with two coats.


Interior Painting Penfield NY
Ceiling Painting Penfield NY

After the wallpaper was removed, we did cover the doors and entrance with plastic to prevent dust from going outside of the room. We also covered the floor, tables and chairs. Nail holes were patched, caulk was applied around the trims, and the walls, ceiling, crown molding, baseboards and window trims were painted with two coats of Sherwin-Williams paints.


After Done Interior Painting Penfield NY
Interior House Painting Penfield NY
Painters in Penfield NY
Interior Painters Penfield NY

The main new colors were lighter than the actual colors, with the main wall being painted with a darker tone.