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Here are the before, during and after photos of exterior painting in Syracuse, NY

Before Exterior Painting Syracuse NY

The task was to remove lead paint, prime and paint the siding, soffits, trims and front porch.

The process of removing lead paint is different than removing nonlead paint. The process consists of covering the floors and objects with plastic, wearing a suit, safety glasses and an N95 mask, spraying water on deteriorated paint before scraping, disposing the paint chips into contractors' bags and cleaning any paint chips left with an EPA-approved shop vac.

Before Exterior Painting In Syracuse NY
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Porch Painting Syracuse NY, House Painting Syracuse NY
Before Exterior Painting Syracuse NY, Painters In Syracuse NY
Before Exterior House Painting Syracuse NY

There was a lot of peeling paint on this one.

We went on to it, no corners were cut.

For the floor on the front porch, we used a Purdy extension pole and a Purdy scraper.

Exterior Painting Preparation Syracuse NY
Wood Priming Syracuse NY

After the removal of the peeling paint, primer was applied.

Before the primer was applied we did make sure there were no paint chips or dust left.

Painting Preparation Syracuse NY

Siliconized caulk was applied to the edges and open gaps. This one needed plenty of it.

Painting Process

There was much more peeling paint to be scraped than what can be seen on the photos.

Painting Process

After everything was scraped, primed and caulked, the painting began.